Allergy Management Plan

The 澳门六合历史开奖 is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for students. Recognizing the increased prevalence of life-threatening allergies among school populations the District has focused on allergy awareness and works closely with parents/guardians, students, and healthcare professionals to minimize the risk of exposure.

Parent/guardian of children with a life-threatening allergy are expected to:

  • Inform the school nurse of your child’s allergies prior to the opening of school (or as soon as possible after diagnosis). All allergies must be verified by a physician or physician’s designated licensed extender (Nurse Practitioner-NP or Physician Assistant-PA).
  • Complete and provide all required medical documents and medication(s), to the School Nurse, before the student begins school.
  • Work with the school team to develop to ensure necessary accommodations are met.
  • Teach your child to:
    • Recognize symptoms of an allergic/anaphylactic reaction.
    • Communicate with school staff as soon as he/she feels a reaction is starting.
    • If food allergy, teach student not to share food, drinks or utensils.
    • Understand the importance of hand washing before and after eating.
    • Carry their own epinephrine auto-injector when appropriate.
    • Report teasing and/or bullying that may relate to the child’s disability.
  • Provide documentation of ANY changes in allergy status or procedures for student’s care.

Students with a life-threatening allergy are expected to:

  1. Develop a relationship with the teacher and school nurse who can assist in identifying issues related to the management of the allergy in the school.
  2. Based on their developmental level, be proactive in the care and management of their allergies.
  3. Use proper hand washing before and after eating throughout the school day.
  4. Notify an adult immediately if they’ve been exposed to the item of which they are allergic.
  5. Notify an adult if they are being picked on or threatened by other students as it relates to their allergy
In January 2014, the district published its Allergy Management Plan. For more information regarding the Allergy Management Plan, contact your school nurse.