7th & 8th Grade Summer Reading

Reading for Fun! 

Our focus for summer reading is Reading for Fun! Because we want students to read a selection they will enjoy, we’re encouraging you to choose any text – any type – by any author – on any topic – of interest to you. The goal is simply to immerse yourself in the experience. You aren’t limited to fiction – nonfiction or informational texts, graphic novels, etc. are all great options as well.

So, the choice is up to you.

Your first stop should be your school library.

Each school library has a selection of books that students may choose from. These books can be taken home for the summer and returned to school in the fall.

Your second stop should be your middle school library web page:

On each library web page, you will find links to several helpful resources and lists – including book recommendation sites, e-books, audiobooks and more.

Your next stop could be the Liverpool Public Library.

The “explore” tab on the will take you to search links for books, audiobooks and e-books.

The following lists might provide some ideas:

Other digital resources:

: free public domain audiobooks

: lists free audio & computer generated readings

: a curated list of free recordings of short stories & books on the web